In 1997 Ramsey took the technician out of the large expensive shielded screen room and put his hands and eyes into a portable benchtop RF Shielded Test Enclosure. With thousands placed in service worldwide the patented STE technology became the standard for efficient and cost effective RF isolation testing. That legacy has continued with a wide variety of STE's to suit every RF test application and the size requirements you have today. Our exclusive double lip gasket technology assures an RF tight seal each and every time. Steady-hold hinges maintain the opening at any location and prevent gasket compression due to prolonged closure pressure when not in use. Our STE2800 and STE3800 STE's feature our RTF Radiating Test Fixture with a built-in broadband antenna to properly test wireless communications devices with guaranteed repeatability. All of the STE’s feature a wide variety of available I/O connection and interface options and RF filtered feed-throughs. All available to fit your custom requirements with the pricing and delivery of a stock unit!

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Looking for a high speed USB2.0 I/O for your new STE RF Enclosure, or to upgrade your existing STE Enclosure, or as a retrofit to your existing screen room or competitive enclosure?  We've got you covered, with our new STEUSB2071 High Speed I/O Filtered Interface!  Incredible performance down to the 700 MHz LTE bands all the way up to 6 GHz, simple 100% isolated and shielded single hole mount for easy retrofit and upgrades, auto-detect and display of USB power, and a whole lot more!  Check it out... it simply doesn't get any better!


Check out our latest RF isolated I/O interface!  Our STEGBE4590 Ethernet & PoE Interface provides you an incredible 90 dB from the 700 MHz 4G LTE bands to >90 dB!  But it only starts there.  The built-in smart PoE system automatically detects 802.3af/at protocols, identifies them for you, and passes it on to your powered DUT… or vice versa.  And providing 8 independent data lines with >90 dB isolation, it can be used for a host of custom I/O applications, including data, DC, or any combination thereof!  If you need a truly transparent I/O between your DUT and your bench, the STEGBE4590 is it!


2.4GHz devices are commonplace today. But with the development of 802.11ac, 5.6GHz devices are beginning to surface. We've got you covered at both bands! Whether your testing or installing 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11ac, 802.11n, or 802.11g, one single STE series enclosure will provide you the tightest test attenuation possible. Perfect for today, even better for tomorrow!

We realize that the connectors, options and actual test procedures of one customer are entirely different from that of another. In fact over the past 5 years we have never had an identical connector and option configuration between customers! We made it easy with our precision machined I/O output panels to get standard delivery of your "custom configured" enclosure! It goes beyond connectors and options. If you need a special configuration, a different size or door configuration, talk to us! Our entire line of STE enclosures has evolved from just that, the needs of people like you!

Ramsey has been a leader in Wireless Test Equipment Solutions for over three decades! With the introduction of our patented STE3000, we proved to the world that you could effectively troubleshoot and test in an interference free environment without the expense of a full size screen room. And the quality and performance continues 18GHz and beyond!

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